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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Just getting started...

Hello to all Ldotters current and future. Some of you may know me from Lucianne.com, posting as MsFalconersCabanaBoy.

The past week has been a big one for blogdom -- in fact, it's been a big one for all media. But, the blogosphere has been a major focus of a lot of coverage, and the buzz is certain to generate a great deal of interest in blogging. Ldotters being the knowledge-hungry lot that they are, there will almost certainly be a rise in their interest in the new media. This blog is intended to harness and collect some of that interest, giving Ldotters with blogs a central location through which to keep up with one another, one another's ideas, as well as a place to communicate directly among themselves, or to the group as a whole.

However, I must make clear that this site is not directly affiliated with/nor under the direction of Lucianne Goldberg or anyone on the Lucianne.com staff. This is an exercise I've undertaken on my own (with the help, advice, and ideas of some friends, whom I intend to credit fully), and should not be considered a "sister site" or any other sort of subsidiary. The rule at Lucianne is that blog posts are not accepted without prior permission. That applies to this blog, just as it would to any other.

However, I did receive a preliminary vote of confidence from Ms. Goldberg, with this caveat:

Sounds like a civilized idea... We are resisting posting blogs on the site because it confuses what we do which is bring the mainstream media to people's attention. Including blogs will so clutter the site it will not advance our goal. However, if there is a separate site people can go to it's fine.
The last thing anyone wants is for this blog to be come a source of contention, so I repsectfully ask participants in this "blog ring" to follow the rules of the site which provided the inspiration for it.

In discussing politics, there's always the potential for personal enmity. If you should find yourself in a huge disagreement with another Ldot blogger, please don't take that hostility to Lucianne.com. Settle it through email, or your respective blogs, if possible. Avoid making personal attacks, or threats. The Pajama Pack seeks to be a place where witty, intelligent, and incisive commentary thrive.

As of now, the intent of the blog is to mine participating blogs for particularly cogent comments, and perhaps Lucianne.com for similar posts. All due credit will be given. All suggestions, ideas, and advice will be gladly accepted.

If any Ldot blogger has any questions, please feel free to contact me. I'll be more than happy to assist however I can, if I can.

I sincerely hope this will become a place where intelligent, like-minded Ldotters can gather to enjoy sharing ideas more directly than can be facilitated at Lucianne.com.


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