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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Ldotter plex....

...sums upthis particular blogger's take pretty nicely:

Conservatives might have to get used to the idea of incrementalism. W seems very interested in doing some things that will make later moves to the right much easier. 1) judges who rule by the Consitition, 2) Ownership of SS accounts, 3) Ownership of health insurance, 4) School vouchers. If these things are realized, the influence of government on individual lives is signficantly reduced and the hold the Democrats have on voters will be drastically reduced.

Once voters realize that they are better off on their own, it will be much easier to start reducing government power. Possible but one will always be faced with the Congress wanting to increase power.

I think conservatism in government will never happen as long as we have career congress critters.

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