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Monday, October 04, 2004

The Anchoress. . .

. . .has updated to give her take on the post-debate apoplexy suffered by so many hothouse flowers in the GOP tent this week, and she appears to be feeling a little spunky.

Mr. Bush? Do you agree with Senator Kerry, that you bite and do not speak French?"

(Steam coming from his ears as he watches various pens, ipods, notecards and fine mints and truffles spill from the senator's pockets and sleeves) "Hey, I don't hinky dink the parlee vous, and I don't need to. The American people don't need a president who can speak French. They need a president who can take that over-botoxed, moribund fop over there and dunk his head in the twa-lay a few times and kick his ass, I'll tell you what, and I sure wish we didn't have that rule about not crossing the stage, so I could see what that neiner has up his sleeve, I bet it ain't foy grass!!"

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