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Sunday, October 03, 2004

A couple of links. . .

. . .sent to my email by the ever-industrious blondie contain some interesting facts that don't seem to get much play in the media.

Political Vice Squad posts a collection of those kinds of odd, somewhat anecdotal facts that we hear quoted from time to time on the talking head shows. You know -- like, "no person has ever been elected president after it has been found that he lied about his conduct in a war zone". I think they're called factoids. But they're interesting, nonetheless.

Also, from Thomas Galvin comes a pretty thorough "fisking" of Kerry's talking points from the debate. I don't know if it's a running total, but at this point, he's managed to list 21 lies. That's a lot for one debate. You certainly can see Team Clinton's influence, though.

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