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Saturday, October 16, 2004

One month ago. . .

. . .yesteday The Pajama Pack was born. Since that time, I've been immensely gratified at the way the whole blog is developing. It hasn't been easy, and I've missed a few hours of sweet, precious sleep over the past 31 days, but I can't say how much I've enjoyed it.

That's not to say there haven't been moments of annoyance. But, if I'm going to spend my time; (1)discussing politics, (2)using a PC, and (3) actively seeking out things that annoy me, I guess that comes with the territory. And, in comparison to the enjoyment I get, it amounts to less than a hangnail on the baby toe.

The hits are starting to add up, and that's been a pleasant surprise, given the age of the blog and the relative dearth of promotion I've done. No doubt, it's an immense help to land on Lucianne's front page on your inaugural voyage.

I'm still eagerly soliciting advice and suggestions with regard to content and subject matter. I get lots of recommendations from fellow bloggers and readers, sometimes several per day. So, if I don't use a particular item, chances are it's because the suggestion got lost in a shuffle between three separate email accounts I keep in order to have some sense of sanity with regard to organization. Obviously, sometimes my means of dealing with it falls short.

As always, I try to respond to emails within 24 hours whenever possible. So, if you contact me and don't hear back within a couple of days, please get in touch with me again. I'm still getting used to the threaded interface with G-mail, so there's a good chance I read your email, but that I got sidetracked before answering it, and simply lost your message in the stack. Some days around the cabana are busier than others .

That is all.

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