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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Chris Heinz. . .

. . .appears to have posted a Dean-howl over at Democratic Underground, to let us all know:

"But as for this adminstration, I think I feel the same way as most on this board: I dont owe George W. Bush shit. He does not get a clean slate from me. He has ruled this country for four years by focusing on what makes us different and it is unforgivable."

I would refer Heinz to my post about Michael Moore's latest obscenity, if he truly wanted to know just who it is that's dividing this nation. Many if the bodies in the World Trade Center weren't even cold before Moore started making distinctions as to who should have been targeted by the terrorists.

I hope that, at some point over the next four years, the GOP manages to lance that festering abcess of a human being. He's nothing more than an infection in America's wound -- as opportunistic and insidious as staphylococcus.

My advice to the left, if they ever hope to regain the trust of the American public is to disassociate yourselves with the likes of Michael Moore, and do it now. George W. Bush just demonstrated perfectly that, in the United States, elections are won in the middle, both figuratively and literally. For all the talk of inclusiveness and division being hallmarks of the Bush adminstration, it turns out that the Great Middle opposes gay marriage, and supports an aggressive war on terrorism that errs on the side of precaution when it comes to threats, both real and perceived, rather than enduring a dog and pony show at the UN in a vain attempt at garnering the approval of France and Germany before taking action.

As long as the left embraces the sort of dissent offered up by Michael Moore and MoveOn.org, the center will align with the right. Middle America has no time for radicals, much less anti-American ones. But, there for a brief moment, Moore made it OK to hate again. CBS made it OK to defraud the American public on national television -- which is a hell of a lot worse than what Janet Jackson did. ABC made it OK to feign impartiality in its election coverage. John Kerry made it OK to use lesbianism as a wedge issue. John Edwards made it OK to promise cripples the ability to walk in four years in exchange for votes. The New York Times made it OK to rush damaging stories into print a week prior to a presidential election, without confirming the facts.

So, as I said before, if Mr. Heinz wants to see the true source of division in America, he need look no further than his immediate left.

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