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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I just remembered. . .

. . .watching a C-SPAN discussion panel featuring political analysts from both sides of the aisle, one of whom was Charlie Cook, several months ago. At one point, Cook predicted that anyone who tried to make the election about cultural issues would be soundly trounced, and deservedly so. (I was unable to find a transcript, or link to any video, so you'll have to pester C-SPAN for the proof, if you're skeptical.)

But, it seems he's now having to chow down on that prediction, assuming he believes what he's saying:

"Democratic presidential nominees are no longer even remotely competitive in the South, in large part because of guns and racial politics. But they also are having serious problems in small-town and rural America in other regions. Democrats now form a secular party uncomfortable with the values and habits of heartland America: Outside major metropolitan areas, a prayer before a meal or the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance before a meeting is commonplace. Most Democrats seem totally out of sync with that America."

I wish I could get paid an obscene amount of money to be less accurate than a meteorologist.

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