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Sunday, December 05, 2004

I was wondering. . .

. . .when I would finally read something like this from someone other than Robert George, Thomas Sowell, or Walter Williams. Finally, a black journalist at the local level has voiced criticism against the treatment of Condoleezza Rice by white liberals, and her complete abandonment by black liberals. It seemed there for a while that the only people who really gave a damn were bloggers, and a few prominent black conservatives. Now that Joseph H. Brown of the Tampa Tribune has taken the matter up in his column, it could be a sign that the truth is seeing the light of day.

Sooner or later, the double standard will become so obvious that even Jesse Jackson will no longer be able to deny it. When that day comes, we'll see a change for the better.

The blind eyes and deaf ears cast upon this by civil rights so-called leaders is one of the more shameful things I've witnessed since the NAACP used the dragging death of James Bird in an attack ad against then-candidate George W. Bush.

It truly is amazing what liberals are able to compartmentalize in the name of partisan politics.

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