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Friday, December 17, 2004

The longest laundry day. . .

. . .in history has just concluded. I should be able to blog for the next few days without too much interruption. However, over the next two weeks, I'll be undertaking the wondrous task of moving. Fortunately, though, this move is purely voluntary, and not the result of numerous noise complaints, or financial catastrophe.

I got a deal that I can't pass up on a place that's much better than the one I'm currently renting. Neither is a castle, by any stretch, but the place I'll be moving into comes with the prospect of ownership, with the same monthly payment that I'm making for rent at this point. And, it has the added bonus of relatively appealing surroundings, unlike where I live now, which faces the abandoned home of the landlord's long-deceased mother, which the landlord is unable to bring herself to have leveled.

So, by the first of next month, I will be blogging from a new cabana -- one more step toward being back on my own two feet, and a great way to start out the New Year. It ain't much, but it'll be mine. And it's a milestone in my life that not a lot of people wouldn't have thought I'd ever reach just a few short years ago.


UPDATE: Also, as a consequence of my moving, laundry day will henceforth be held in-house, rather than lugging all my dirty clothes over to my parents' home every ten days, or so, allowing blogging and other activities to continue unabated.

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