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Friday, December 03, 2004

Wolfgang von Skeptik. . .

. . .has updated with a lengthy essay on what happened to the Old Left, and how gender feminism has led to its demise to the point where, today, it finds itself defending the most brutal anti-feminine regimes on the planet out of some sense of allegiance in a war against men in general, and the "patriarchy" in specific. It's a long, but provocative read that calls out the left on its whorish obeisance to women's studies professors, Upper-West Side artists and writers, and ultimately, Islamic fundamentalists:

"Ask a hard-core feminist to describe religion – 'hard-core' defined here as a feminist who has been thoroughly brainwashed by matrifascism – and even if she claims to be a proponent of feminist spirituality, she will probably tell you that as far as 'patriarchal religion' is concerned, Marx was right: that it is the opiate by which 'the patriarchy' attempts to terrify (or seduce) the world’s oppressed peoples into compliance with patriarchal edicts and capitalist enslavement schemes, and that all the adherents of 'patriarchal religion' should be mercilessly exterminated. The test of a religion, she might say, is 'whether it recognizes that the personal is not only political but theological: in other words, whether it encourages wife-beating versus whether it encourages free abortion on demand.'"

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