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Sunday, October 23, 2005

I goofed up. . .

. . .by trying to place one of those stupid, cutesy "test result" things on my blog a little while ago, and somehow, it made half of my most recent entry disappear. I somehow managed to get it pieced back together, though some text was lost. I don't have that great a short-term memory, so I couldn't reproduce what was lost, and have no other way of recovering it. So, if the post below seems disjointed, it's partially my fault for being dumb enough to try one of those things, and partially Blogger's because I didn't do anything abnormal in posting it, and there's no good reason why the text in the previous blog should have disappeared when I was working on another entry.


UPDATE: I'm utterly beside myself. Whole passages that I can't come close to reproducing are gone. If anyone, by some strange coinicidence, has a copy of the original text available, I'm blegging you to email it to me.

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