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Friday, September 21, 2007

The unsettling saga. . .

. . .of George Archibald's embroglio with the Washington Times entered a new phase this Wednesday when he posted his account of an encounter with the paper's security staff as he and a photographer prepared to take snapshots for his upcoming book.

He makes sure to note on his blog that Tony Blankley has resigned as editorial page editor, as well as the paper's loss of two advertising salesmen to The Politico. However, his summation of these departures suggests that bitterness may be a growing component of his writing on the matter:
"Anyone who thinks these losses of talent and professionalism are not connected to The Washington Times' reputation as the white supremacist newspaper of Francis B. Coombs Jr. and Wesley Pruden Jr. is on drugs."

In fairness to Archibald, the bitterness is far from a one-way street, if BigheadDC is to be believed.

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