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Thursday, January 24, 2008

For all the bluster. . .

. . .on the right side of the airwaves about how John McCain is so far to the left that his nomination would bring about the destruction of the Republican Party, there seems to be precious little concern as to what Mitt Romney's nomination might do. Of course, if I had never gone to the trouble of doing any research into Mitt's record, I probably wouldn't be too concerned, either. But, I have.

Human Events has long been considered one of the great publications for conservative opinion. It's a little to the right of National Review and seems to revel in its image as its somewhat iconoclastic cousin. Every week, Human Events publishes a Top Ten list of everything from Most Conservative House Members to Biggest Labor Union Power Grabs. What some people may not know is that, back in December of 2005, they published a list of the Top Ten RINO's. Before you look, take a guess at whose name wasn't on the list, and whose name was.

If you only got your news from the conservative establishment media, you probably would never have known that.

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