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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

With 94% reporting. . .

. . .I finally feel confident enough to proclaim John McCain the winner in tonight's Florida Republican primary.

I figure a day or two will have to pass before the raw nerves soothe -- maybe a couple of weeks. Who knows?

While I doubt all of my fellow McCain supporters agree, I really don't think now is the time to start making declarations about what this means for conservatism, calling big-picture winners and losers, or rubbing it into the faces of all the folks who fought so hard to help Mitt Romney or to keep McCain from winning the nomination.

But, now is the time for Republican voters to understand that John McCain is the frontrunner, and that he's the overwhelming favorite to win the nomination. He already has fairly strong leads in many of the larger Super Tuesday states, and with Rudy's impending endorsement combined with the momentum he'll have coming out of Florida, they'll only grow stronger.

I would ask my fellow McCain supporters to resist the urge to stick it to all the folks who have been on the wrong side of the ballot tonight and keep working hard at getting our guy elected. There's a difference between sticking up for your guy and taunting the opposition. I hope we can keep that in mind.

All that being said, it feels good to win.

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