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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Back to business-as-usual. . .

. . .politics as it is practiced by Democrat operatives with the servile assistance of the Washington Post. It seems that, finding no traction in the salacious duplicity of the New York Times story, the house organs of the Democrats have decided to take a different tack by ginning up the same old convoluted malarky that they tried without success to tar John McCain with during his last run for the White House.

At least the Washington Post had the unimpeachable godliness to use named sources in their piece of malevolent hackery: (1)Gloria Tristani, FCC Commissioner, 11/3/1997 - 9/7/2001 -- Democrat, New Mexico and (2) William Kennard, FCC Chairman - 11/3/1997 - 1/19/2001 -- Democrat, California.

Source: FCC.gov

UPDATE: A quick search of the Opensecrets.org reveals interesting insights into the political leanings of the two FCC commissioners.

William Kennard

Gloria Tristani

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