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Monday, March 31, 2008

It seems Ross Douthat. . .

. . .is a little less sanguine about the Markos Moulitsas takeover of the DNC than I am. Reading his post in reference to Joseph Lieberman's remarks about the hijacking of the Democratic Party by the MoveOn/Soros/Kos axis, I get the impression that he's walking just up to the line of declaring analogous to the Reagan Revolution, with the Clinton regime being its Rockefeller counterpart. I have to say I'm more than just a little bit skeptical.

It seems to me that if you look at the constituencies that are driving the Democrats today, they more closely resemble the Republican's John Birch Society problem that William F. Buckley worked in tandem with Barry Goldwater to eradicate. The truth is, there was nothing that could remotely be viewed as extreme in Ronald Reagan's campaigning or governance. It was perhaps "radical" in its departure from the political orthodoxy of its day, but radical and extreme are two different things.

What made Ronald Reagan a radical in his time was in fact the extremism of the status quo he worked to break.

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