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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Now and then. . .

. . .even the bed-wettingest of liberals does something that makes so much sense that you just know that there's no way in hell it'll ever pass Congress. Case in point: Barney Frank. I found the article while perusing Lucianne.com; not exactly a hotbed of leftwing sentiment. The discussion indicates at least a modicum of conservative support (some of it mine, of course) for eliminating federal penalties with regard to possession and use of small amounts of marijuana, and I suspect that the support for such a move among conservatives is growing, rather than shrinking.

It would be a good idea for Rep. Frank to contact the CATO Institute, and more specifically, Radley Balko in his effort to push the legislation through Congress, if only to get the details of the tragedy that is the Drug War into the Congressional Record and draw more attention to the unending government encroachment into the lives, liberty and property of American citizens that is taking place under the auspices of protecting them from themselves.

This is one area where I part ways with John McCain, though I will continue to support him simply because I don't believe it is of the highest priority among all the reasons to either support or oppose his candidacy. I also understand that a good number of people oppose the idea of decriminalizing marijuana for very understandable, but wrongheaded reasons.

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