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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sen. Salazar accuses Rush. . .

. . .of a "clear exhortation" to violence in Denver during the Democratic National Convention and demands that he be reprimanded by Clear Channel. You'd think he'd reserve his outrage for Recreate '68, an organization openly dedicated to creating the unrest that Limbaugh only dreams of.

Salazar is clearly making an obvious attempt at changing the subject of media scrutiny from the growing discontent and contumely among Democrats by putting Limbaugh, the one person for whom all Democrats share a blinding hatred, in the headlines for a few minutes. I suppose it succeeded to the extent that anyone gives a damn what Sen. Salazar thinks. But, what Salazar obviously doesn't understand is that, should there actually be any serious violence or civil unrest in Denver this August, any attempt to pin the blame on Limbaugh for it will backfire, leaving the Colorado senator red-faced and shamed before his constituents and an utterly incredulous electorate.

Limbaugh may have goofed in talking up the possibility of violence in Denver, but only insofar as it gave the Democrats an excuse to stop trashing one another and start trashing Rush. But, even if you take that view of Limbaugh's statement, you have to admit that it's, at most, a very temporary distraction. And, the simple truth of the matter is that anyone who thinks that Limbaugh is saying something that the average man on the street isn't already talking about is clearly out of touch with the electorate. People have been talking about this for weeks, if not months.

But, then again, Salazar isn't the only Senate Democrat who seems not to have the foggiest notion as to what's going on among the grassroots. The single worst offender on that front is about to be the party's nominee.

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