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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Dumb rationalizations. . .

. . .aren't uncommon in politics, but this one by Barack Obama, in his attempt to explain away Hillary Clinton's commanding lead in Kentucky, is exemplary:
"Sen. Clinton, I think, is much better known, coming from a nearby state of Arkansas. So it's not surprising that she would have an advantage in some of those states in the middle."

Umm. . .Senator Obama? Didn't you know that Illinois -- your home state -- actually shares a border with Kentucky, and that Arkansas doesn't? I do realize that southern Illinois is largely an afterthought to everyone north of Springfield, but it is still technically a part of the state.

Wait. Could it be that Kentucky, like Arkansas, is one of "those places" that you have a hard time relating to because of all the bitter, superstitious bigots?

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