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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Blondie Sends an Ldot Thread Follow-up. . .

. . .on the story of Marine Cpl. Lonnie Young, which appeared on Ldot a little over a week ago. From an email:

". . .a friend from VA who's husband is in the Military sent me this great story about a local kid who showed himself to be a real hero in Iraq. (He now works with her husband on a base there in VA)

Original Article

I posted it on Lucianne and got a few nice, supportive comments from folks. (Saturdays are fairly quiet there, so not many people saw it.)

Anyway, the thread is now gone but I had sent her the text of the thread - including the Ldotters comments. Today she emailed me back "thanks", and said she is sending it to her husband at work and asked him print it up and give it to the brave kid in the story.

I don't know how many of the posters are readers to your blog, but thought you might want to share this follow up for those that are interested."

I didn't ask, but feel safe in assuming that blondie would be delighted to pass along any messages and/or well-wishes you may have.

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