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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Aussiegirl . . .

. . .emailed and asked me to post this message:

"Update!! Ultima Thule has now added the wise and pithy comments of two
of L-dot's favorite posters, BonnieBlueFlag and veritas. BonnieB. gives us a fascinating look at the celebration of the Chinese Moon Festival, complete with a history of the Mooncake and a recipe included. Veritas weighs in with a short history of what REALLY happened in Vietnam and a lesson on the euphemism of "undocumented" aliens, plus many of his apt and wonderful quotes. Our resident philosopher, Carol, also relates her personal journey from being a liberal democrat to voting a straight Republican ticket this time around. Plus other wonders of humor, wit and insight such as the world's first blonde guy joke. Check it out."

I have to say Aussiegirl's blog, Ultima Thule, is looking great and is a well-written treat to read.

Persistence pays off.

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