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Monday, September 27, 2004

The Debate. . .

. . .draws nearer with every hour. Politcal junkies like us are anxious to see what questions John Kerry will be forced to evade. The Pajama Pack would like to contribute to that list of questions. Ldotters -- join in with your own questions.

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Our humble suggestions thus far:

1. On what date - before the election - will you be signing the 180 form to release your records for Vietnam - which you are so proud of?

2. Whose name is listed as owner on the DMV registration form of the SUV you drive?

3. As president, do you expect to have weekends off to go windsurfing, yachting, biking, skiing, practicing your girly football-tossing, bobbing for hamsters, covert boating, or prone-position deer hunting? Are you aware that this little President thang is a full-time gig and weekends off are not assumed?

4. Do you have a doctor's excuse for missing those intelligence committee meetings?

5. Why do you think the death penalty is an effective deterrent for terrorists, but not for murderers?

6. What's all the rage in Paris this year?

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