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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Joel Connelly. . .

of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer demostrates why John Kerry will lose. Judging from the article title, I'm guessing that the left believes that the only reason "Bush Lied, People Died" motto didn't sweep the countryside was because it lacked bile.

"Is Saddam worth the lives of 1,046 (at last count) dead Americans, and 7,000 injured Americans?"

Joel obviously has mole-like vision when it comes to foreign policy. The question isn't was the capture of Saddam worth it (and indeed, it was). The question is whether or not the removal of Saddam, his regime, and its future leaders Oday and Qusay, the bringing to heel of Kaddafi in Libya, as well as killing terrorists by the thousands before they can reach US shores worth 1,046 American lives and 7,000 injured Americans.

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