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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Wolfgang von Skeptik. . .

. . .emailed me with a heads-up on a blog entry regarding a great article that didn't seem to take hold at Ldot, despite implications of a fundamental shift in strategy in the War on Terror.

If Spengler is right, it means the administration – or at least part of it – has finally awakened to the post-9/11 reality that pandering to Islamic victim-identity cultism hinders the war effort. The administration’s pandering-policy, apparently the result of a combination of factors – the anti-Second Amendment bias of Tom Ridge and Norm Mineta plus Grover Norquist’s curious belief that kindness might convince Muslims to vote Republican – has become increasingly controversial. . .

I'm not prepared to say that the administration is outright pandering for the sake of the Muslim vote, but I can't rightly disagree with WvS on the fact that post-9/11 reality is reflected in far too few areas of government oversight. Of course, almost half the public doesn't seem to be in touch with post-9/11 reality, which doesn't provide much impetus for the government to fix the problem.

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