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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Kickin' it Old School

Tonight, I'm blogging from my parents' home, since laundry night just happened to fall on the same night as the debate. That means I'm watching the debates in 100% 56Kbps dial-up through C-SPAN.org. I suppose I could watch it on the television in the living room, but that would require running to the computer and connecting everytime I hear or see something I find worthy of note. Also, it would mean listening to the commentary of -- well, commentators. Or, "stupid idiots", as they are often referred to in my more candid moments.

I'd rather blog on-the-fly, without being prompted by people who get paid to tell me what this means, or that. I want to see whose take is borne out more closely in reality -- mine, or Chris Matthews'.

I'll be updating this thread, rather than posting a new entry for every observation. My prediction: We'll learn very little, not much will happen of note, and Bush will gain two or three points in the polls.

UPDATE: OK, I'm already going to have to give in to the establishment press. Seems the Real Player stream is extremely choppy, and a lot of what can be gleaned from debates lies in the body language and general physical appearance of the candidates.

UPDATE: Can't live-blog. . .will blog at the end of the debate. (sigh)

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