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Monday, September 20, 2004


...has updated On the ledger with a column that will be appearing in Durham County (NC) Republican Party newsletter, the PachyDurham, which can only be properly pronounced by a southerner.

"Early in 2000, I found such a message board – Lucianne.com – started by New York literary agent Lucianne Goldberg during the Lewinsky-Tripp brouhaha. L.com, as it is known, is a site where posters (AKA "L-dotters") place news stories and then comment on them. I imagined that after the 2000 election, the Lucianne board would wither and gradually cease to exist. To the contrary, it has flourished, and now aspiring L.dotters wait months before a space opens and they can log-in to post. The repartee on L.com is witty and the race to be the first to post stories highly competitive. The politics are very, very Republican, and Ms. Goldberg’s basic rule is, "Remember, this is a salon, not a saloon." Personal attacks on other posters or inappropriate language are not tolerated, and repeated offenses result in the offender’s banishment (opening a space for a new poster)."

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