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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

LA Times' Peter Wallsten demonstrates. . .

. . .the old axiom that sometimes, the exception proves the rule (Sorry. Registration required). The Democrats trotted out a video capture from a National Prayer Breakfast as evidence that Dick Cheney "lied" about having never met John Edwards.

Well, let's put this into the context of what we "everyday people" understand. Say, one day, you're at work and you are summoned onto the carpet by your boss. He looks you up and down, and says, "You know, you've been around this shop for about six years, but you hardly ever make it to work. You're always calling in with some lame excuse about how you have some pressing business to take care of, some sort of personal crisis, or illness. In fact, I come in every week or so, and I don't recall ever speaking to you. I really can't see any justification for keeping you here."

To which you reply, "No sir! That's not true! I. . .we talked at the employee Christmas party last year! You wished me and my family 'Happy Holidays' in a toast!"

Do you think you just saved your job?

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