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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

NY Times-style correction:

Andrew Sullivan is clinging to the preposterous notion that Cheney was reduced to "roadkill" last night, and sets about documenting all the people who agree with him -- which amounts to a coalition of the star struck and the obviously drunk. Today, he cites a couple of snap polls (ABC, CBS) that were referred to him by a reader as an indication that he was more right that wrong, having this to say in conclusion:

"The Republican base saw the election slipping away last Thursday. They needed a win and they convinced themselves they had one. But Edwards directed his answers to the undecideds. And, unless the pro-Cheney spin gets deafening, he scored big."

However, he does have this to say about the numbers by way of correction:

CORRECTION: The reader is wrong. The ABC poll shows independents favoring Cheney 42 - 37 percent.

So, does that mean the Cheney scored big, or just that Edwards didn't score big?

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