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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

So, it's come down to this:

. . .one last debate, one last chance at liveblogging, and a little under three weeks until Election Day. The only thing that can really come out of this is disaster for one of the candidates. I simply can't imagine anything being said that could win over a large number of voters to either side. However, I can easily imagine something being said that could cost one of the candidates a lot of votes.

With that said, I've been proven very wrong more than once. So, here goes:

8:10 PM -- two phonecalls already.

Pres -- A plan is not a litany of complaints...good.

The President is looking a little off-stride, so far.

Lowering corporate taxes? Kerry?

Kerry -- Tasteless to refer to Dick Cheney's daughter.

Kerry's healthcare "plan" was quite rambling and incoherent/

Pres -- A shot at the "leading media organizations".

Kerry -- Calling a summit on Social Security -- later on, when it gets in trouble.

Kerry supported amnesty for illegal aliens in 2003. Didn't know that.

Schieffer could not have thrown a fatter pitch on the minimum wage law.

Pres -- Giving a great response on the question of his faith. There's a genuineness there that is in unbelievably stark contrast to that of Kerry.

Kerry -- Never seen so many members "locked out of meetings". Were you "locked out" of the Senate Intelligence meetings, Senator Kerry?

Kerry -- Married up? That didn't look too good to all those women out there.

Integrity, integrity, integrity? What a warm last thought from mom.

The president closed strongly. Kerry said nothing memorable, other than the fact that he "married up".

Once again, no knockout blows, but a strong, very personal performance by the President. I think his answer on the question of faith may have been the highlight of the night.

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