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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Unproblematic analogies. . .

. . .are very hard to come by. But, that's what Andrew insists upon in today's craven defense of the Kerry utterance.

"So I rest my case. I await an analogy that is not inherently distasteful or problematic that would render Kerry's remark out of bounds."

I'm still waiting on the same thing with regard to equating the gay rights movement to that of the Civil Rights Movement of the 50's and 60's. Because there is indeed a vast difference.

Gays insist that the only thing that makes them different from the rest of society is their sex lives, and they feel that their plight is analogous to blacks being disenfranchised in the South. There has never been a more rough analogy in the history of public debate. After all, there is no official system in place to prevent gays from voting. There are no gay and straight water fountains. Gays sit wherever they want on buses.

Gays aren't barred from eating at lunch counters. Quite the contrary, gays eat in fine restaurants all the time, and in fact are their owners in many cases.

So, gays can't talk about their sex lives to strangers on a bus, even though straight people do it all the time. That's a far cry from not being allowed to sit down to a peaceful meal in a restaurant without being relegated to the seats by the bathroom door.

So if we're going to require perfect analogies, let's start with the premise.

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