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Saturday, October 16, 2004

The facade begins. . .

. . .to fall away, over at Andrew Sullivan's blog.

But long-term, the Republican bluff has been called. The GOP is run, in part, by gay men and women, its families are full of gay people, and yet it is institutionally opposed to even the most basic protections for gay couples. You can keep up a policy based on rank hypocrisy for only so long. And then it tumbles like a house of cards. Kerry just pulled one card from out of the bottom of the heap. Watch the edifice of double standards slowly implode. Gay people and their supporters will no longer acquiesce in this charade. Why on earth should we?

When I read things like this from Andrew, it's hard to escape the notion that gay marriage -- if not the only reason for his hostility toward the Bush administration -- is certainly an adequate one in his mind. Fair enough. But, to persist in perpetuating the impression that he's still "on the fence" with regard to his vote smacks of self-flattering coyness in light of words like the above. I simply can't imagine that, given a more liberal stance on the issue of gay marriage in the Bush administration, Andrew would be remotely considering casting his vote for Kerry.

It seems he would have us believe that opposition to the FMA is neither a necessary, nor sufficient condition for his support. But, when he writes things like that, it seems hard to come to any other conclusion.

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