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Monday, November 01, 2004

The Anchoress. . .

. . .has updated, and I almost didn't get to it in time. I'm sorry for the delay in posting this link. Today was housekeeping day, which entails a lot when you're me. Also, I've been swamped with your day-to-day "stuff to do", lately.

Tomorrow is the big day. I feel good about the President's chances, but it's not a lead pipe cinch by any means. The only people who aren't nervous right now are those who don't give a damn. Unfortunately, there's lots of those people.

Maybe if there were fewer people who don't care either way, we wouldn't have problems like this:

I'm a former Democrat and at one time I admired John Kerry, mostly because I believed what I read about him. I've looked at him now for over a year, and I have come to the conclusion that he is without core, without spine and without conscience. Moreover, I have some serious concerns about his mental health, given some of the whoppers he's told and his "magic hat."

For this reason, it has become very important to me to get a chance to view his release papers from the US NAVY. I want to see his fitness reports. I want to see what his superiors thought of him, and I am interested - very interested - in discovering exactly what was the status of his original discharge. These are not irrelevancies.

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