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Thursday, November 04, 2004

A reason not to cower. . .

. . .for those liberals who would currently be rending their garments, if it didn't sound so. . .Biblical. This from Wolfgang von Skeptik, who, if I'm not mistaken, isn't the most devout member of the flock -- much like myself:

"But now Americans are again becoming unashamed of their spiritual convictions, and I believe that one of the key results will not be the New Fundamentalist Inquisition the leftists anticipate with such fear and loathing but rather a renewed flowering of genuine ecumenicism. This is not to say the Left’s concerns are irrational. Alas, they are not; neither are the identical worries of libertarians and non-Fundamentalist conservatives. But I believe tolerance will prevail. And ecumenicism was the ultimate direction in which our public religious observances were gradually leading before Madalyn and her Madalynoids declared their vindictive war on the entire spiritual dimension of life, the one dimension without which being itself withers into meaninglessness – or so most Americans seem to believe, myself surely among them."

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