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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

In case you missed it. . .

. . .yesterday, The Anchoress has posted a note to Maureen Dowd that is a must-read. She received a link from Captain's Quarters, and no doubt experienced a huge hit spike. And, I don't doubt for a moment that word got back around to Maureen.

For readers who haven't seen the post, do check it out. It's profound, moving, and very satisfying. Speaking on her dear brother's behalf, she begins by asking:

"Do you understand how fragile your life is, or how short? Do you comprehend that this time next year, while the carolers are singing and some tacky and absurd man in the Bronx is stringing thousands of lights upon his house, just for the fun of it, you might be only sinew and bone, pale and weak and fighting for every breath? That you may have to be diapered and spoon-fed, that you will have to endure the terrible weeping of your family, and see their grief, even as they try to hide it? That the simple joy of picking up a book may be beyond your strength, or that your mind will be so exhausted that the news, the arts, the culture for which you used to live, will cease to have meaning or relevance?"

Also, the Conservative Canes Corner has a link to an important article on the War on Terrorism and East Africa as a major source of Jihadist recruitment for Al Qaeda. It's important to remind people of the global nature of this war as it is likely to drag on much longer, and have far more casualties than we've seen so far.

Hat tip, Dr. Joe. The chicken soup is warming up as I write this.

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