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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Look out liars. . .

. . .the truth has its pants on and is on its way home from Iraq.

"Army Maj. Gen. Stephen Speakes and Army Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sorenson, senior members of the Army's combat systems development and acquisition team at the Pentagon, said protective armor plates were added to the last 20 vehicles of the Tennessee-based 278th Regimental Combat Team's 830 vehicles shortly after the confrontation with Rumsfeld.

The generals said it was part of routine, pre-deployment preparations in Kuwait before the unit proceeded into Iraq.

'When the question was asked, 20 vehicles remained to be up-armored at that point,' Speakes told a Pentagon briefing. 'We completed those 20 vehicles in the next day....In other words, we completed all the armoring within 24 hours of the time the question was asked.'"

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