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Friday, December 17, 2004

A new letter from Cooter. . .

. . .has been added to Tino's website, and it's a great analysis of the situation in which the DNC finds itself in the eyes of red state denizens with the Democrats' cozy, but growingly contentious relationship with MoveOn.org.

I imagine the few moderate Democrats that still exist today feel as though they've woken up in a bed of asps, and will be more receptive to overtures from the GOP in the next few months. The involvement of Michael Moore and Ariana Huffington in party politics will provide no small amount of discomfiture among middle-America Dems. And, Mark Racicot being the undeniably effective chairman that he is, I can't imagine he'd let this unease go unexploited -- particularly if off-year elections show a continuing electoral trend against the DNC.

Unless it finally dawns on the Democrats that you can't win elections in America by running against America, the GOP is heading into a gilded age. Here's hoping we aren't undone by complacency.

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