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Sunday, May 01, 2005

My ever-evolving recipe. . .

. . .for CabanaBoy's Chili just keeps getting better. I made a pot last night, which takes four to five hours to do properly. But, the time is very much worth it. I tried a bowl once it was finally done, and it was incredible. And, as is the case with all chili, it'll be even better after cooling and reheating.

I've changed a few things here and there, but the recipe I have linked is pretty close. I've added some baker's chocolate, which gives it a wonderfully rich flavor, and substituted one can of black beans for a can of the kidney beans. I'd intended to make a three-bean chili, but found out when I got home that I didn't have any pintos. So, it's only a two-bean chili, but it's still great.

I'm still experimenting in search of the perfect pot of chili. When I'm fully satisfied, I'll post the final recipe. In the meantime, the current recipe makes a fine pot for general consumption. And, the great thing about chili is that it's very forgiving of variations in ingredients and ratios. Any recipe is a foundation to be built upon. Mine started out as one that I snagged from AllRecipes.com, and I've added and substituted things over time to the point where it no longer resembles the original.

When my work is finally done, I will have produced "Cabana Boy's Signature Chili," which will make you rich and powerful, and all the girls at your high school reunion will wonder why they ever let you get away. You can still add, subtract, or substitute ingredients, but I can't guarantee any results with regard to wealth, power and envy if you should choose to do so.

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