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Sunday, July 31, 2005

"Of course I support. . .

. . .a woman's right to choose. I just happen to believe that the choice is wrong, and if you try to silence me, then you are being unpatriotic and disrespecting my free speech rights guaranteed in the Constitution."

That's the logic applied by the left when it comes to "supporting our troops" but opposing the war. By playing the "right to dissent" card, the left try to have it both ways -- being supportive while opposing the entire operation.

So, how come protesting the practice of abortion is automatically an indicator that someone is "anti-choice," while protesting a war doesn't necessarily mean that you're protesting the troops? It seems the difference between the left and the right is the right is willing to own up to being "anti-choice," while the left doesn't want to own up to being "anti-war" in any real, meaningful sense.

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