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Monday, September 24, 2007

Sandra Bernhardt should be stripping. . .

. . .this Jewish lesbian of her membership right about now. So should Markos Moulitsas. After all, any self-professed Jewish lesbian who can be won over by the likes of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad based on his purported cuddliness and blunt, vocal opposition to the Bush Administration's foreign policy is ripe pickings for Pat Buchanan.

I forget. What is it that the left so despises about Buchanan again? I mean, he's got all the qualifications: anti-Bush (Check!), anti-Zionist (Check!), pro-union (Check!), not a Republican (Check!). What has kept them from rallying around him? What does Ahmadinejad have that Pat doesn't? If sallykohn is to be taken seriously, Buchanan ought to be able to single-handedly end jewish lesbianism in America without utilizing a single gallows.

I just don't get it. Pat's been working hard trying to garner the lesbian vote for years, and here this Jihadi-come-lately walks onto a college campus and steals the hearts of L.U.G.'s everywhere. Even the Jewish ones. I tell ya, there just ain't no justice in this world.

All seriousness aside, I want to apologize to any readers who may have been offended by the mental image conjured up by the title of this post.

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