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Saturday, January 19, 2008

According to exit polls. . .

. . .one of the establishment conservative talking points is evaporating in South Carolina today. That is, the one that holds that McCain simply can't win among conservatives. The results show that, while McCain did lose to Huckabee among those who described themselves as "Very Conservative" 38% to 19%, he slightly outperformed Romney among them. Also, McCain handily beat Romney among those who describe themselves as "Somewhat Conservative" by a margin of 32% to 18%, while only narrowly besting Huckabee, who got 28% of their support. McCain clearly beat all comers among self-described "Moderates" with 47%, with Huckabee coming in at a distant 18%.

One has to wonder how Hewitt & Co. will spin this one.

Caveat: assuming these numbers hold, of course.

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