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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Contrast Sen. Tom Coburn's. . .

. . .assessment of his colleague, John McCain, with the man you see in the videos below. All the trash-talk and garment-rending of Mark Levin and El Rushbo can't undo the man's honor and integrity.

Is it so much to ask that those who oppose McCain stop for a moment and consider the fact that while they were sitting in the comfortable confines of the United States of America, formulating the their guiding philosophies, John McCain was hanging by two broken arms, enduring beating after beating as a consequence of the bravery he exhibited in order to guarantee their right, and the right of the people of Vietnam, to do so?

Sure, they pay occasional lip service to what he endured. But, more often than not, it comes across with all the sincerity of Mitt Romney's statements on abortion and the Second Amendment.

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