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Friday, February 01, 2008

The esteemed Doctor. . .

. . .Thomas Sowell has caught the attention of Michael Goldfarb with his broadside against John McCain today, prompting Kathryn Jean Lopez to come to Sowell's defense. While I don't disagree with Lopez on the matter - Sowell doesn't actually "call" McCain a Benedict Arnold any more than Ann Coulter "called" John Edwards a "faggot". I do, however, think Goldfarb is right in the larger context. I think Sowell's column is emblematic of the anti-McCain right's tendency toward rhetorical excess. I alluded to it in my recent post about the caterwauling lamentations of those who are really struggling with the reality that he is the favorite to win the nomination.

What I find most unfortunate is that, suddenly, the line that once divided Thomas Sowell and Ann Coulter has been blurred.

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