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Saturday, February 23, 2008

The inspiration for this blog. . .

. . .Lucianne Goldberg is quoted in todays "Fresh Intelligence" section at Radaronline.com today, regarding the hatchet job performed on John McCain by the New York Times. Contained in the article is a tidbit I hadn't considered before:
"The scenario racing around is that this was all Mitt Romney's doing," Goldberg says. "His people were trying to get this out there a few months ago. The conspiracy theorists point out that he never said he was ending his campaign—just suspending it, because he knew this was coming. He wanted a way back in if McCain had to drop out."

She clearly points out that this is part of the latest "conspiracy theory", so there's no reason to jump to conclusions as to whether or not the Romney campaign is responsible. However, if that were to turn out to be the case, I can't say I would be particularly shocked. The man was surrounded by a cadre of arm-twisters and kneecappers.

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