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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's not the gotcha. . .

. . .they were hoping for, but the left did their damnedest to make it so. When John McCain was speaking to reporters on his tour of the Mideast, he made the "unforgivable gaffe" of stating that Iran is guilty of training al Qaeda. Standing at his side, Sen. Joe Lieberman quickly "corrected" him, causing him to "clarify" that Iran is guilty of training extremists in general, but not "specifically" al Qaeda.

It turns out that the true "gaffe" here was in McCain's relenting to Sen. Lieberman's pullback. A quick perusal of Powerline and the link to Tom Joscelyn's summary makes it pretty clear that John McCain knows of which he speaks, and that the yuk-yukking stooges at the AP and the Democrats and leftists who feed at their trough were doing what they do best: lying.

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