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Friday, March 14, 2008

Look out, everybody. . .

. . .Keith Olbermann has put on his ass-chewin' shoes! It probably would have been a bit more effective if not for a couple of things: (1) the fact that, if you watch closely at the end, you can see his chin quiver like that of a long-suffering wife, and (2) Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

I'm one of those fortunate people who has never subjected himself to a full episode of whatever he calls his show, though I did watch him years ago in his capacity as the ESPN anchor who kept viewers informed on Dick Trickle's finishes in NASCAR races.

If I thought he was capable of embarrassment, I would think that he would be feeling a great deal of it right about now, given all that's come out about Obama's minister of 20 years, but clearly he's not. Embarrassment is beyond anyone who utters the words, "Do you not see, Senator???" with all the earnestness of a soap opera actress playing the role of a woman watching the crumbling of her scheme to destroy the marriage of a powerful politician so that she can take the place of his long-suffering, dedicated wife.

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