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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

You just have to wonder. . .

. . .how good John McCain must be feeling about his chances right about now. Both of his potential rivals for the general election have close political allies mired in corruption scandals, and Democratic operatives are trying to beat him up for busting a corrupt deal with Boeing that forced its CFO and a high-ranking civilian official within the Air Force to resign from their posts, saving the taxpayers billions of dollars.

Now, his opponents' party is dining on its own spleen, with the Clinton camp suggesting that Obama is a token candidate. This little bit of political malevolence isn't going to age well among the just-over-half who support Obama. And, the just-under-half who support Clinton are, well, Clintonites. They don't forget anything, and they never quit. I just don't see any "forgive and forget" rapprochement happening anytime in the next year. I don't think we've even seen the beginning of the bitterness.

All the while, John McCain will be touring the countryside, meeting the American people, telling his story, making his case, visiting foreign nations, and looking like an incumbent. His hands will be free of any of the dirt that will have been thrown at the eventual Democrat nominee. He can quite honestly and accurately say to the American people, "Some change is good, and some is bad. If you take a look at the campaigns being waged by all parties involved, I think the choice is obvious."

Here's a freebie for the McCain campaign: "I hope to focus on the issues for a change."

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