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Monday, March 03, 2008

Looks like we're in. . .

. . .for the proverbial long, hot summer with regard to the Democrats' nomination process. Suddenly, the media have managed to shame themselves into giving something other than glowing coverage to Barack Obama. Or, perhaps the Clinton campaign finally shamed them into it. In any event, the press has finally decided to at least give the appearance that they're making at least a half-hearted attempt at doing its job.

The Tony Rezko case has to be the only story of its magnitude to have such little build-up since Juanita Broaddrick told her story to Lisa Meyers. And, like the Broaddrick story, it will likely be all but ignored by the ignorati holding forth at our mainstream press outlets. The the extent that it will be touched upon, most coverage will be prepended with an obligatory, "While Obama isn't considered to be a focus of the trial. . ."

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