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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What to make of this. . .

. . .superhuman ability of Obama's to travel through time and change historical events in order to ensure that his wife can, for the first time in her adult life, be proud of America? It truly is a magnificent capability, and one that could potentially be used for the betterment of all of mankind.

I just have to wonder, though, why he hasn't exploited this power to enhance his voting record in the Illinois Senate by tidying up some of those "present" votes. If he has this ability and hasn't shown the presence of mind to put some meat on his rather skeletal legislative record, I have to question his political acuity.

I suppose it could be that he was doing other, more life-affirming things. Scott Bakula always seemed to focus on the small stuff in Quantum Leap. And, it does seem that the small things always had a pretty big impact on the course of history.

And, like Bakula's character on the show, Obama seems to have materialized out of nowhere. It could be that thirty years ago, he was just a nameless, underpaid shipyard worker who happened to run into Lech Walesa on his way through the gate and said, "You know, this whole 'from each according to his abilities' thing isn't really working out for me. But, who am I? A mere welder with an empty lunch box. There is nothing I can do."

Then, when an inspired Walesa climbed on top of the shipyard wall, there was a flash of light and Obama vanished, only to rematerialize a key adviser to President Eisenhower. It could be that, sensing the growing strife in the South, he advised the president to make a bold, bipartisan move by calling upon John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert to serve as his outreach directors to the civil rights community.

It just dawned on me that I may have to go into hiding. It could be that I know and have said too much already. But, given what has already transpired in the life of Barack Obama, how can we be sure that the show, Quantum Leap, isn't based on him and that his entire nomination is the product of a top secret government program to maintain the course of history and finally make the daughter of a working class black family from Chicago proud of her country?

Folks, we could be living an Emmy Award winning episode in America's history. I hope I live to see the broadcast.

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