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Monday, March 31, 2008

McCain and only McCain. . .

. . .could be putting up the kind of numbers in New Jersey and Washington that Rasmussen is finding. Romney might have been pretty competitive with Clinton or Obama in Michigan, and if he turns out to be McCain's pick for the VP slot, it could well push him over the top there.

I still have reservations as to whether or not Romney is the prescription that McCain needs in order to enthuse the parts of the GOP base that remain churlish over his nomination. But, he would provide economic credentials in a time when there's uncertainty, and could very well create inroads to an as-yet untapped donor base that seems reluctant to give 'til it smarts a little right now. And, four to eight years down the road, vice presidential experience -- given that the job has taken on considerably more prominence than it had in the past -- could reassure those conservatives who looked askance at his seemingly recent conversion to their cause.

Whoever McCain chooses as his running mate, he has already demonstrated a great deal of appeal with independents and right-leaning Democrats. I doubt seriously that a strong conservative selection will hurt him among those voters to anywhere near the extent it will help him among conservative Republicans. At this point, the only way McCain could go wrong in his selection would be to choose someone who confirms the suspicions of those who are already alienated.

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