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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hewitt has Jeremiah Wright. . .

. . .audio and transcripts up, and the stuff is absolutely devastating. As he points out, Obama has complained about the fact that so much of what's been said about Wright has been based on snippets and sound bites. Well, what Hugh posts can't be reasonably portrayed as such, and there's nothing exculpatory to be found in any of it.

This kind of stuff, regardless of whether or not McCain finds it a legitimate avenue of attack on Obama, is important to know. One way or another, people are going to become aware of it, and they're going to draw their own conclusions with regard to its legitimacy. There's absolutely nothing he can do to prevent it from being circulated, and it's not something he should attempt to stop even if he could.

Opposing the North Carolina GOP campaign ad was, in my opinion, the wise thing to do. But people have a right to know when a presidential candidate has sat silently in the pews while his pastor went on tirades like the ones Hewitt has unearthed.

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